The LGBT Equality role is to bring together organisations, that employ and share good practices around the LGBT agenda. Together we seek to engage and empower the industry to drive change, and understand the business case for wider representation. Our LGBT Media campaign is going from strength to strength and we encourage employers to get involved and to use LGBT media as part of their recruitment strategy.

The LGBT Media Partnership can provide businesses with targeted audiences that can assist their profitability.

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LGBT Matters

  • LGBT Media Representations
  • LGBT Community
  • Media and Diversity
  • Legal Framework
  • LGBT Friendly Workplace
  • LGBT Leaders
  • Actively Recruit LGBT People
  • LGBT Recruitment

Representation in the media is something we all like, it is imperative that we continue to provide a platform for LGBT to search for jobs and employers to recognise LGBT rights are widely shared by the media alike. We work with advertising agencies to transform their client LGBT vision into a work of interactive storytelling, with nothing lost in translation.

For more information on how to improve your employer profile and become more inclusive and supportive of LGBT please contact us at: